davis and lydia :: 3 weeks

The little ones are 3 weeks old already....almost 4 weeks!
Crazy how time goes by....
Davis really doesn't love having his picture taken, as you can see...
he really does have a super cute face when he wants too, with huge eyes that just stare at you forever, and a cute little humming noise that he makes when he sleeps that Grammy has been teaching him. But, when he's not sleeping or eating...this is the face we usually get!
he really dislikes having his diaper changed, and baths are okay, but not wonderful...
he's still pretty perfect though!

Then, there is miss Lydi....who pretty much could care less what you do to her.
she's very willing to let you take her photo (in the same outfit that her Mommy came home from the hospital in!)
and she's just as content and peaceful as can be. She loves to sleep and cuddle.

Both of these kiddos are just perfect in every way, and they are wonderful babies.

Love, Hannah

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