davis and lydia :: 4 weeks | one month

two birthdays this week for the little ones!
On Wednesday we celebrated their 4 week birthday, and today they are one month old!
They are growing so much too.
Their little faces are starting to fill out so much, and their legs are getting pudgy. It's so cute!
Lydia even has a couple little rolls on the back of her neck!

Aren't these little munchkins just adorable?

I also want to make sure you all know how thankful I am for your phone calls, cards, and prayers. It's so wonderful to hear from you, even if I don't actually get a chance to talk (since I haven't been answering my phone much lately).

Thank YOU.

We are all doing well. We have had so much help with the twins, it's been a true blessing.
My mom has been here for a couple weeks now, and dad came down for a week, too. Dustin's sister and mom were here for a few days, and now his dad is here for the weekend.
We really appreciate all the help. More than we can say.
Thanks to all of them, Dustin and I are able to get some sleep at night, and I can get a couple naps during the day. I'd be exhausted with out them.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Love you all,



  1. Thank YOU!! We can hardly get enough of our little Punkin-seeds.

  2. I have two little girls here ooohing and awwwing over these sweet baby pictures! Can't believe they are one month already! Absolutely adorable <3
    Love you!

  3. They are so sweet. Your photography skills are showing too. I'll bet all of your "helpers" are getting a kick out of being a part of the first month. You are always on my mind and in my heart. Love you!

  4. Happy Mother's Day, Hannah! Those little babies are adorable!! Enjoy every minute!!