davis and lydia :: 5 weeks

5 weeks old!
The munchkins are 5 weeks old this week! They are growing like crazy!
Papa measured them yesterday and they are about 21.5 inches long (19 inches at 2 weeks).
Look at those chubby little legs...okay, they aren't super chubby, but we're getting there! At least we should be, as much as they want to eat!
We sure are hoping to see some smiles soon too...I think we are getting close! I can't wait for that to come, it will be so cute to see those toothless grins looking back at us!

Lydia is doing awesome....if it were up to her she'd probably sleep 4-5 hours at a time, but we are trying (most of the time) to keep them close to the same schedule so we don't drive ourselves nuts feeding them!
Davis on the other hand.....he's still doing great! He just needs a little more attention than Lydia does. He's always grunting, and wanting a bobber while he's trying to sleep. And, he gets up close to every 2 hours to eat. He's a little piggy right now, and we keep questioning ourselves, wondering if we can do something different so he'll eat a little less, and a little less often. But, I think it comes down to the fact that we want them to be even more perfect than they are, and we're over thinking everything! Not to mention we are comparing him to Lydia, which doesn't help, since she's so much more content than he is.

We starting tummy time this week.
Davis LOVES it, and he moves his head from one side to the other well, and he'll play for quite a while on his tummy! Lydia is okay with it, but not a huge fan. She'd much rather be on her back. But, they are both starting to follow us more with their eyes, and are responding to our voices too.

I'm in Michigan this week, at my mom and dad's.
We are already missing D.
But, we are also excited to see some of our family, and friends and introduce them to these kids, so it should be a really fun week!



  1. Aw...they are so cute! I'm glad you are enjoying them and getting the help you need. About those first smiles...my mom got them out of both of my girls before anyone else! She would tickle them lightly with a soft burp cloth or blanket right around their mouths until they smiled up at her. I used to call her a cheater, but I was secretly glad they gave the first smile to Grammy!

  2. They look so cute in their "Aunt Jenny" onesies outfits.