davis and lydia :: 6 weeks

It's been a fun and busy week here at Grammy and Papa's
We've had lots of company, and have been introducing the little ones to everyone that walks in the door!

It sure seems like they are growing fast! They've nearly doubled their weights now!
We weighed them a couple days ago and Davis is 10.5 pounds and Lydia is 11 pounds.
They are both slowly starting to sleep a little longer after meals. Davis is eating about every 2.5-3 hours right now, and Lydia is going 3-4. We were trying to keep them on the same schedule in the beginning, but have decided to let them tell us when they want to eat, rather than waking one of them (which so many suggest). Lydia usually skips two feedings a day... It usually works out pretty good and they eat within a half hour of each other or so.
It's still SO helpful to have extra hands. I love that mom and dad are both so willing to help out day and night. D and I would be driving ourselves crazy trying to do it all on our own right now.
We are getting closer and closer to smiles every day, and it can't come soon enough!

We've been enjoying a few baths!
Little D nearly slept thru this bath this morning, and then zonked right out when I wrapped him up in a warm towel! I hated to wake him to get him dressed. The last couple baths have not gone nearly that well! He usually fusses through the whole thing!
Lydia does great with her baths too...and she enjoys every second of it!
It's still crazy to me to see TWO babies in those sinks!
We are getting in a little cuddle time here and there, when there is time! Haha! Kidding...we are MAKING time for lots of cuddling!
and, our play times are getting a little longer and more active during the day!
It's so fun to get them together when they are both awake and ready to play. They aren't interacting much yet, but they sure spend a lot of time staring at each other.
So, we're having lots of fun, enjoying lots of laughs, and starting to figure these little ones out.
They are so different from each other, and it's interesting watching them grow and learn about themselves, just as much as we are learning about them.

We miss you Daddy, and can't wait to see you soon....and hopefully we'll have a couple of BIG toothless grins for you when we get home!

Hannah, Davis & Lydia


  1. just when I thought they couldn't possibly get any sweeter :)
    I am betting that they are saving their smiles for when they get home and see their daddy for the first time :) How special would that be??

  2. That picture of you and Colleen with the kiddos in the sink is so fabulous. I'm so happy and filled with joy for you guys. LOVE it! :)

  3. You are so close, but yet still so far away. Thanks for posting pics so we can all watch those special wee ones grow. Love you.