happy father's day, d

i'm long overdue....i know.
i owe you all so many updates, and pictures!

life has been super busy around here...i'm sure you figured on that, but things are going so well right now, and we are having so much fun with davis and lydia.

over the past few weeks we've had some ups and downs.
  • we found out both kiddos have GERD, and are now being treated.
  • the meds are making a HUGE difference, thankfully!
  • lydia had her first trip to the ER. The doctors office was closed, which is the only reason the ER was needed, but she had a fever on and off for a couple days and finally last Saturday it stuck with her, and she was really not acting like herself. We took her to the ER, and found that she had a bladder infection. After being poked 3 times for blood, having a catheter, a dose of tylenol, and motrin, our little girl started acting like herself again. Poor thing went thru a lot that day...and we cuddled with her all night.
  • Our doctor ordered an x-ray and ultrasound for lydia to make sure she didn't have kidney reflux, and all the tests came back negative! she's healthy!
  • both Davis and Lydia are giving us all kinds of SMILES! They are so fun, even starting to "talk" a little to us!
  • we've made a couple trips back and forth to Michigan, some good, some LONG! traveling isn't that easy just yet, but we're hopeful that it will continue to get better, and that they start to enjoy car rides a little bit.
  • both of them love the play mat cousin iris is lending to us! they love staring at the stars and butterflies that hang above their heads!
  • the last two nights in a row we've had a couple long stretches at night! davis slept 4.5 hours straight last night, and lydia slept 5. YAY! We are super THANKFUL for that! 3 times is a trend, that's what big d keeps saying...so, here's to having another awesome night tonight!
Mom is on her way down right now to stay with me and the kids this week. D is traveling to Alabama again for work. Davis and Lydia are excited to see both MiMi and Papa this week!

and, i'll leave you with these....

Love, Hannah

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  1. Ella had GERD too. I feel for you guys. The medicine worked well for her and propping her up while she slept also helped. I remember the first night we gave her the medicine she finally slept most of the night. I was tempted to call the doc at 2 a.m. just to thank him :)Glad to hear they're doing well now. They are both just too precious.