davis and lydia :: 16 weeks

still in our p.j.'s hanging out this morning...play time, they do smile...it's just hard to catch it on camera!

Can you believe these two are 16 weeks old already? That's 4 months! WOW, doesn't seem possible! Time is flying by, that's for sure!
And, we are all still alive...even though I've been REALLY bad at updates!

Davis and Lydia are both giving us lots of smiles. Davis hands them out for free most of the time, Lydia makes you work for them! They are both starting to coo a lot too, it's so fun to listen to them. We weighed them a couple days ago, Davis is about 15 pounds now, and Lydia 14. They are packing on the chub! Guess that's what happens when you start getting a little rice in your bottle...but, that rice has helped them so much with their reflux.

Lydia is sleeping thru the night! She is doing awesome, last night she slept 11 hours straight! And the night before 8.5 hours...she consistently gives us 5-6 hour stretches at night time, which is so wonderful!
Davis has been doing good at night too. He had been waking up twice a night to eat, but the last couple nights we've got him down to just one feeding in the middle of the night, which is awesome for him, since he usually thinks it's time to eat every two hours.
The past few weeks we've started a bedtime routine, and it seems to be working pretty well. We usually start baths sometime between 5 and 6 pm, and the kids are down for bed between 7 and 9, depending on how much fussy time they need that night...but, we're working on the fussy time, and it's getting shorter and shorter! We are all going to be happy once we get things straightened out.
Papa (my dad) is here this week helping me out during the day...it's boot camp! We're getting the kiddos on a schedule, and they are taking naps, together, and sleeping....and although it's a lot of work, it's isn't taking long for them to realize who's in control now....not them! Sounds so mean when you type it out like that...but, it's what needs to be done! And, it's working awesome so far! Dad is the perfect one to help out too...he's keeping me strong so I don't cave and give in to them!

In other news....
I spent five days in the hospital last week, so I'm still recovering from that.
I ended up being diagnosed with Urosepsis. Not cool.
I won't go into lots of details (google it if you want to know more about it)...but, it wasn't fun, and it kicked my butt, big time.
I'm SO grateful for my mom and dad being able to step in and take care of the kids day and night while I was in the hospital, Dustin was able to be there with me (his work was awesome and gave him time off so he could be around)
And D's parents came down and took care of the kiddos the whole week after I got home, and that was a HUGE blessing. I needed to sleep to regain my strength, and finish fighting the infection, and they stepped right in and took care of the kids during the day so I could get my naps. I feel so much better this week!

We aren't venturing out much yet...neither Davis or Lydia like the car, or their car seats, yet...hopefully soon.

Well, I'm guessing nap time is nearing an end....off to make sure bottles are ready!

Love, Hannah


  1. thanks for the post! Way to go!
    Praying from afar.....Mimi

  2. Schedules/routines are the only way to go. Everyone ends up happier at the end, no matter how hard it is to not cave into those cute little people. Glad to hear you're all doing well :)