davis and lydia :: 17 weeks

crazy little munchkins...they are growing so fast

both of these kiddos are moving their arms and legs around like crazy now!
they are using their hands to grab things and getting better and better every day at it.
Lydia rolled over (tummy to back) last Sunday night, in her crib. What a surprise, answering her cry in the middle of the night, and finding her on her back...no wonder she cried, she really does not like to be on her back!
Davis rolled over (tummy to back) last Monday morning, in his crib.
Since, they both do it regularly during naps...and fuss each time they do, looks like it's time to encourage being on our back a little more!
We are getting more and more smiles from both of them, they won't do it for the camera though.
They love standing up and using their legs, Lydia especially. We've found that the jumpy seats are perfect for them, even if we have to stuff the sides and back with blankets so they fit!
I can see changes in both of their looks too, not big ones...
Davis is a totally different kid since we got him on track with his eat/play/sleep routine. He is SO happy all the time, and such a little lover...he loves cuddle time after his naps, so do I.
We are all doing great, they are both taking wonderful naps, playing lots, and getting the hang of our new routines.
We've been walking around, using the stroller...which probably doesn't seem like a big deal, but they didn't like it for quite a while, now they love it...it's so nice to get outside with them a little more, even if it is way to hot (in my opinion!)

My dad was here this week, helping us out, and getting us ready to be on our own. I have had lots of help with the kids up to this point, but it is time to give the help a break!
The house is really quiet now...no one to talk to during naps anymore...guess that means it's time to catch up on some chores, and maybe have a little "me" time.


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  1. How am I going to keep up with all the changes?