davis and lydia :: 4 months

my little munchkins are four months old!
davis is grabbing at his feet, so cute!
lydia rolled from her back to her tummy today!
they both just LOVE their jumpy seats...they bounce all over and watch each other do it. we have two jumpy seats next to each other so they can "dance" together.
they are really starting to notice each other more, they even kinda "talked" to each other tonight, and smiled back and forth
lydia is smiling so much more, and continues to be the more talkative of the two (most days)
davis smiles all the time...a big grin full of gums
we took the 4 hour trip to Michigan last weekend. it went very well...SO much better than the last few trips! they did great!
they have been getting a little rice in their bottles for almost two months now, so we decided to play around with a little thicker stuff.....
lydi loves it! she opens right up and eats like a pro!
davis is getting the hang of it, he still spits a lot of it out with his tongue, but he leans forward for more. here, davis is concentrating more on a "project" in his pants than he is his snack!
he'll hate me for this picture someday, but it just cracks me up!

i've had a couple follow up appointments from my infection...all is well, and things look great.
i'm also taking some time to make some more skirts for Pretty Stinkin' Green! I'm having so much fun with it, and it's great to get the serger back out and put to use! i made four skirts yesterday!

it's lots of fun around here!

love, hannah

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