lots happening at five months

little miss Lydia cut her first tooth on Friday! and her second tooth on Sunday night!
Davis cut his first tooth on Saturday night (thank you Grandpa and Nanny for being here for that!)
both of my munchkins are smiling so much, and playing with each other! they are holding themselves up really well when on their tummies too
they are both reaching and grabbing for everything, including their bottles. Davis is practically feeding himself now, crazy kid.
They are enjoying a little oatmeal, applesauce, and bananas for breakfast. And, they've tried and love Papa's garden squash, along with green beans, peas and sweet potatoes for lunch/supper!
Davis doesn't care much for peas or green beans, unless you mix it with a little squash!
Lydia loves it all.

We're having lots of fun going for walks too. The weather has been pretty nice lately.

These kiddos sure are growing!

Love, Hannah


  1. They are so cute!! I can hardly believe they're 5 months already!! It sure was good to see them (and you!) last wknd!

  2. Hannah,
    Time for more pics :) love seeing them grow