2012 :: Thinking of Spring

the kiddos are moving more and more...seems like every day they get a little quicker, and more confident in themselves.
they are both climbing all over things and getting themselves where they want to go. i find my self creating "road blocks" for them in new places all the time! no baby gates, yet. pillows and furniture are working well right now, but i have a feeling that won't hold them back much longer!
davis cut his seventh tooth this week! i think number eight is close, too. this one was easy for him, no symptoms at all. in fact, i didn't even know he had it until D noticed last night after his bath!

in other news :: I've been reading up more about chickens. we are hoping to start raising them this year. I still have lots of research to do though...i don't have a clue where to start!
I'm planning a garden this year! So excited about this. It's going to be pretty small this year, we aren't really sure where we want to put it, so this year I'm going to try straw bale gardening. I've been reading up on this as well. Seems like a good option for us, I hope it works as well as what i've read.
I've been very busy making skirts for PSG, and having so much fun with it. I made a few aprons recently too, and added those to the shop.
I'm ready for spring. This winter has been rainy, and gloomy. And, it is just too windy and cold to have the kiddos outside much. Bummer.

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