Week One :: 2012

What a week!
January 1st Davis decided to stand up on his own in his crib, and crawl! Both on the same day!
Now, the 9th....he's moving even more! It's so cute to watch his little bum move across the floor too! Hehe!
Lydia is getting up on her knees a lot more, and she is SO strong! Her little legs never stop moving. When she learns how to balance...WATCH OUT! She's going to be running, not walking! I kinda think she is just going to skip crawling...it's going to be fun to see what happens!
Dustin was in Alabama most of this first week (so sad he can't be here). But, we've had lots of company!
Grandma and Grandpa Halleck came to see us on Thursday for the afternoon. Grandpa had made the twins toy boxes for Christmas, and they are perfect! I've stacked one on top of the other for now, and i'm using the bottom one for their books. We love them! Thanks, Grandpa!
And thank you both so much for your visit. It was so nice to have you here to share our day.
My mom and dad (MiMi & PaPa) came Friday afternoon thru Sunday afternoon. It was just WONDERFUL! So fun to have them here to watch the kids grow and learn, and keep me company too!
They also brought the trailer down with them, loaded up with a couch, loveseat, and a few other things we've been storing. Our living room filled up fast...but, I love having the furniture in here!
Makes the place much more cozy. Thank you D&R!

Kids are eating just about everything now...and loving it. They aren't picky about anything, but do have favorites! Bread, of course...and cheese. Oh, and the VERY favorite....Dates. YUM! They would gobble up bunches of them if I'd let them!
It's fun being able to eat the sames things now.



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  1. These pictures are just great and capture the excitement of your daily living! A lot IS happening in the Halleck household. Love you and miss you and the little ones already.