Busy Hands Project :: Foam Blocks & Contact Paper

I often feel the need to encourage the four extra little hands in the kitchen to find other projects to do, other than "help" me make a mess (I'm quite successful at that on my own). So whenever I spot a quick and easy project to keep their little fingers busy when I need them out of my path, I make sure I save it for future use!  This was one of many that kept the kids busy for about an hour.  That gave me PLENTY of time to make dinner and clean up all while they had fun, AND I didn't trip on them in the process!

Busy Hands Project :: Foam Blocks & Contact Paper

Supplies Needed ::
Foam blocks (we use these)
Contact Paper (I picked some up at the dollar store!)
Painters Tape

Directions ::
1. Choose a surface to play.  You could use a table, floor, window or wall.  We used a window in the dining room for two reasons. Daddy was going to be home soon, so they could watch for him to pull in the driveway while they played, and because we thought it would be fun to have it hanging up (great fine motor skills, BTW!).
2. Cut the contact paper to size and peel off the backing.
3. Tape, sticky side UP, to surface.  I used packing tape because it was going on a window.  DO NOT use  packing tape if you choose to put it on the wall! You'll ruin your walls!!! Use the blue painters tape!
4. Let the fun begin.  Dump all of your blocks in a big bucket, or work right from the container they came in.

We just did free play this time...in the future though I'll be using this for more of a learning activity, giving them directions on what to build by suggesting colors and shapes to use, or designs to build.

Have fun!

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