New Members of the Flock

Seems like I just got the blog up and running again and I'm neglecting it already! So much has been happening!  The chicken coop is nearly finished...still a few little things to complete, like the chicken door, and the fence/run for the girls, but it's in it's place in the front corner of the yard!  Everyone seems to be quite happy with it's placement too! There are plenty of worms and bugs around the wood piles for them to peck away at!
We've added six ducks to the flock since my last entry here, they are hilarious...and at the moment are making the chickens seem quite boring!  The ducks have such goofy personalities!  They are already a fun and exciting addition to the family!  and...they finally have names too :) Meet : Daisy, Gertrude, Irene, Myrtle, Gladys and Josephine.

The chickens have been gracious enough to welcome them into the coop, and I'm very thankful for their cooperation!

I am so blessed to have this opportunity to stay home with the kids, and the flock and work daily at keeping our house a cozy home to live.  I've felt so over joyed and blessed the last couple weeks.  I look forward to waking up each morning, drinking a cup or two of tea, feeding the flock and letting them loose for the day, and watching everyone run around and play all day.  Life is meant to be lived, and we are truly blessed to live so happily.

 My next big project is designing a new garden!  A couple actually....we'll be adding at least two veggie garden beds, and a large area in front of the house will soon be filled with mulch and plants, so the research begins!  I love the eclectic, shabby, country garden, it will most likely take on a design with that in mind!  I can't wait!  We will be dragging a few logs from the woods to make the veggie garden raised beds, and filling them with rich compost, hopefully soon, so I can get my seeds planted...I feel behind, but there has been so much to do!

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